Running . . . Adventure Awaits!

“. . . running is something in my life which is under my control.”

Running is something I used to do mainly because I liked being a member of the clean plate club and loved to eat a lot of sweets. I had previously raced a few 5Ks but as they say, “life happens.” And so, life did and is happening. At that time however, I reasoned that being active in this manner might counteract/offset my supposed need for ice cream and other yummy treats. Well, that didn’t work out so well.

I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors just for the simple sake of soaking in a beautiful day or exploring some place new, but it was rare that I just went out to “run” for the sake of running. I’m a competitor at heart, and my competitive spirit was recently rekindled – and that spirit has boosted my enjoyment of running (for pleasure, fitness, and competition). Barring any injuries, running is something in my life which is under my control.

People run for any number of reasons: to free their minds, reduce their anxiety and stress, or to be an active participant in life and soak in the grandeur of the great outdoors (thank goodness). It can be a solitary activity and others need and want that “alone” time, but I truly believe humans are social creatures. For me, I prefer the company/support of a good friend on the trail or close by. I do tend to walk ahead – so remind me not to do that but to walk/run beside my running buddy.

I was recently motivated to become a healthier me. I am now actively involved in a daily routine which has me running and racing 5Ks, and soon – trail running, 10Ks, half marathons, and eventually full marathons (look out Boston here I come).

Whatever the personal motivation might be to exercise, run, walk, jog, hike, sight-see, or bird-watch, I hope to see an increase in the number of people on the hiking trail or gathered together at the start/finish line on race day. No more procrastinating . . . after all, “Adventure Awaits!

Keep a good thought! Bob P.

Just completed a 5K. Clif bar, bananas, and water . . . ah! Pic by P.L. Wiese.

Author: Zero528

I possess a BS in Biology (ecology-conservation) from MSSU and an MS in Biology (wildlife emphasis) from MO State. When I enjoy the competition of running races (e.g., 5Ks, etc.) - If I can just keep injury-free. Prairie hikes or nature walks are always enjoyable. Additionally, I enjoy cooking, baking, watching The Virginian TV show, and playing music (guitar).

4 thoughts on “Running . . . Adventure Awaits!”

  1. your dedication to your new lifestyle… particularly healthier eating and running…has motivated me to get my butt in gear and join in as much as I can! i salud !

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  2. It seems, my friend, you have joined me and countless others in gratitude living. Getting back to the heart of the matter which is awakening our connection to the natural world with spirit minded focus and dtive , we recapture the energy and vitality of youthfulness. Love with intention put into action produces powerful energy! And inspires and heals! Your spirit had always been a point of reference for me as an example of positive passion seeking peace practitioner. Now manifesting for others to learn from and run the journey of life with. I am honored to know you and with gratitude take up the torch for living life to the fullest.

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  3. Wow! Thank you so much for your comments. I am thrilled to know that I’ve been an inspiration to you. I am humbled by your words. Keep a good thought! Bob


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